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Cereal Berry Muffins



By using corn or rice flakes, you will get an added flavor plus the enriched ingredients from the cereal, making these perfect breakfast food!


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour sifted
  • 4 tsp Rumford Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1 cup blackberries canned, drained
  • 3 tbsp butter melted
  • 1/2 cup corn flakes or rice flakes


1. Sift flour, Rumford Baking Powder, salt and sugar together.

2. Combine milk, egg, butter and blackberries and pour into dry ingredients, stirring just enough to moisten.

3. Fill well greased muffin pans 2/3 full, sprinkle tops generously with cereal flakes and bake in moderately hot oven (425 degrees F) 20 minutes. Serve hot.

Makes 12 muffins.

Source:  Clabber Girl

Cheddar Broccoli Soup


    20 min


    10 min

This makes a great soup for lunch or light dinner. To make the soup heartier, add in spinach, cooked chicken, rice and/or cauliflower.


  • 4 c. vegetable stock
  • 4 c. milk
  • 1/4 tsp. paprika
  • 2 Tbsp. Clabber Girl Cornstarch
  • 2 Tbsp. all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper to taste
  • 3 Tbsp. butter
  • 1 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 c. broccoli florets
  • 1/2 c. carrots
  • 1/2 c. celery
  • 1 Tbsp. parsley
  • 1 small onion
  • 8 oz. cheddar cheese shredded
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp. Basil


Chop onion, celery, carrots and broccoli. Add vegetables to a large sauce pan or dutch oven. Saute all together in 2-3 Tbsp. of butter until lightly browned.

Add all-purpose flour and blend well and cook until brown (2-3 minutes). Add milk and stock slowly, while stirring.

Add Clabber Girl Corn Starch, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 20 minutes. Keep stirring occasionally to prevent the milk from scalding on the bottom of the pan. Add cheese and parsley. Stir until the cheese is melted.


    20 min


    10 min

These muffins will create warm memories of waking up to a taste of autumn flavors.  These homemade muffins, made with apple butter which seems to appear in markets only at this time of year, are sure to be a family favorite.  You can substitute walnuts for the pecans if you choose.


  • 1 3/4 c. whole wheat flour
  • 1/3 c. granulated sugar plus 2 Tbsp. divided
  • 2 tsp. Clabber Girl Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp. apple pie spice
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 3/4 c. milk
  • 1/4 c. vegetable oil
  • 1/3 c. apple butter
  • 1/3 c. chopped pecans


Preheat oven to 400° F. Line muffin tin with cupcake liners. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl combine flour, 1/3 c. sugar, baking powder, apple pie spice, and salt. Make a well in the center of the mix. In a small bowl combine egg, milk, and oil. Add to flour mix and stir just untill moistened (batter should be lumpy).

Spoon a rounded Tbsp. of batter into each prepared muffin cup. Top the batter in each cup with a generous tsp. of apple butter. Add the remaining batter, filling each cup 3/4 full.

Combine pecans and 2 Tbsp. sugar; sprinkle on top of the muffins. Bake in a 400° F oven about 20 minutes or until golden. Remove from pans; serve warm.

Yields: 12 muffins

Cheesy Chicken Mexican Casserole


3 c shredded cooked chicken
2 c shredded  cheddar cheese (or more if you are a cheese hound)
1 can(s)cream of chicken soup
1/2 c milk taco seasoning (or more- to taste)
 1 bag(s)doritos
feel free to top it off with lettuce ,tomatoes and onions and some chopped hot peppers if you desire


1 Pre-heat oven to 350-f degrees.
2 In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except doritos.
3 In a greased 3 qt baking dish, put a layer of crushed Doritos (about 2 cups), then a layer of the chicken mixture. Repeat once more, ending with a layer of chicken mixture. Top with more shredded cheese, cover, and bake for 30-35 minutes, till bubbling hot.
4 Then if you like, you can top it off with lettuce ,tomatoes and onions

Gresilda’s Veggie Soup


When you get low on supplies and want something delicious, make it from scratch, we always have veggie broth, canned tomatoes and veggies on hand so I threw together this soup


Image result


1 can of diced tomatoes

1 cup fine chopped carrots

2 cups of chopped celery

1 cup chopped onion

1 can vegetable broth

1/2 cup leftover corn

1/4 cup lima beans

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/2 cup left over green beans

1 cup  potato chopped in small pieces

1/4 cup dried chives

2 cups water

1 teaspoon of Kitchen Bouquet

1 packed of powdered chicken bouillon

Add everything into a pot except potatoes, corn and peas…cook for about 30 minutes until tender, then add potatoes, corn, green beans and peas (this way they are not overcooked) and cook low for another 20 minutes, then serve

No extra salt need and then you have healthy soup for everyone.

You can use any leftover veggies you have to the soup….often just a cup left and not enough for another dinner…throw into to bag and save all leftover veggies for soup one day….nothing wasted.

You can use any veggies of your choice….too thick, just add little more water




Source:  Real Simple

Photo by Christopher Testani

  • Serves4
  • Hands-On Time 20 min
  • Total Time 40 min


  1. cup panko bread crumbs
  2. tablespoons olive oil
  3. teaspoons seafood seasoning (such as Old Bay)
  4. Kosher salt and black pepper
  5. chicken tenders, patted dry
  6. ¼ cup buttermilk
  7. ¼ grated Parmesan, plus more for serving
  8. teaspoons lemon zest, plus 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  9. romaine hearts, chopped
  10. pint cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered if large
  1. Heat oven to 425° F. Place a rack on a rimmed baking sheet.
  2. Whisk the panko, 2 tablespoons of the oil, the seafood seasoning, and ¾ teaspoon pepper in a small bowl. Dip the chicken in the buttermilk in a bowl, then coat with the panko mixture, pressing gently to help it adhere. Place the chicken on the rack and bake until cooked through, 16 to 20 minutes. Cut into pieces.
  3. Meanwhile, whisk the Parmesan, lemon zest and juice, the remaining 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and ¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper in a large bowl. Add the romaine and tomatoes and toss.
  4. Serve the chicken over the romaine salad with additional Parmesan.

Nutritional values

Per Serving

  • Calories 350 calories
  • Fat 19 g
  • Sat Fat 3.5 g
  • Cholesterol 70 mg
  • Sodium 580 mg
  • Protein 31 g
  • Carbohydrate 16 g
  • Sugar 6 g
  • Fiber 3 g
  • Iron  102 mg
  • Calcium 102 mg


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