Trametes versicolor

Photo by Michael Kuo

Always check with herbalist before preparing and with your doctor to not conflict with prescribed meds or any other herbal intakes 

This bracket FUNGI IS NOT EDIBLE PER SE  fungi isn’t edible per se but you can use these to make a health nourishing tea. Some people dry these then grind them into powder and sprinkle some on their meals or make pills as these are medicinal.

When collecting BE SURE you have found turkey tails by following the info in the link I am posting below.

Science shows that turkey tails contain several cancer-blasting compounds. Two polysaccharide complexes in turkey tail are getting a great deal of scientific attention, PSK (or “Kreskin”) and PSP, making it the most extensively researched of all medicinal mushrooms with large scale clinical trials.

A seven-year, $2 million NIH-funded clinical study in 2011 found that turkey tail mycelium improves immune function when dosed daily to women with stage I–III breast cancer. Immune response was dose-dependent, with no adverse effects.

In addition to breast cancer other cancers may be treated by turkey tails. PSP has been shown to significantly enhance immune status in 70 to 97 percent of cancer patients. Turkey tail is also being used to treat many different infections, including aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, E. coli, HIV, Herpes, and streptococcus pneumonia, and is hepatoprotective.