1 head of cabbage (medium size) cleaned and chopped in medium pieces

3 peppers cleaned and chopped in medium pieces ( I use one hot pepper and 2 medium green chili peppers but you can use plain sweet peppers not hot if you like)

1 large onion cleaned and chopped in either medium pieces or slivers

2 large carrots cleaned and chopped in medium pieces

3 large red potatoes cleaned and cut into medium pieces (we use fresh red potatoes with skin still on outside, if you choose you can peel)

1 lb of mild ground Italian sausage or you can use links chopped into medium pieces

1 tablespoon seasoning salt

1/2 teaspoon ground tumeric

2 tablespoons of dried celery flakes

1 tablespoon of dried kale flakes

1 tablespoon of unsalted butter

In large pan put water and  metal steamer basket (water just touching bottom of basket) and bring to a boil.

In small skillet sauté Italian sausage until just pink and set aside.

Add cabbage, peppers, onion, carrots, potatoes, sprinkle with seasoning salt, tumeric,  crushed celery flakes, kale flakes add sausage, toss slightly.  Put on lid turn to medium and let steam until tender.

When done put into bowl or pan adding slices of tablespoon of unsalted butter, stirring softly until coated.

Serve with slices of garlic bread and fresh sliced tomatoes….good stuff