Being  a family of two with the husband working nights, one must plan ahead to provide a bigger meal at noon each day.    I  use muffin pans for plan ahead meals.   One can make meat loaves in the muffin pans, bake then once cooled you can freeze to later thaw and heat in a toaster oven.  This provides just the right serving size or should you have guests then you have meat loaves for each person.

I have also used muffin pans for zucchini bread…you bake and freeze for portion serving in the future…so handy when there is just the two of you.

This same method can be used for individual servings of so many things including casseroles, breads, cupcakes and preserve them in the freezer.

I like the large size 6 piece muffin pan as the servings are just right for men….you can make them any size you what depending on how much you put in the pan.

Always date your freezing items and if you do not have a seal-a-meal…insert straw and suck out the excess air for better freezing.