Soft rains pelting against the window, dark clouds overhead which brings peace and calming pattern of sounds.  Weather has different perspectives depending on your location and severity.   Those in the flood and heavy wind areas I am sure do not feel feel the same calm.  

My moment in time is a peaceful one.  I know that no matter what occurs in this world, no matter how high tech we as humans think we are, there is no doubt that Mother Nature is stronger then all the powers and cannot be controlled by any one person, government or power.  We are at the mercy of our great creator.

The springs and all bodies of water in our immediate area are in appreciation of the waters from this rain.  Many wells and waterways are in great deficit from several years of drought.  

When the sun shines once more it arms will draw up the seeds and roots bringing forth new life, new foods, new havens for all creatures of nature.

How blessed we are at this location today.