Recently we had a confrontation with an individual in our community regarding the loud music and voices emitting from the yard immediately next door. Asking them to turn it down was to no avail and then an exchange of loud words from our part to no avail and we were told to take a Nyquil and go to bed….such impertinence from younger people. We then called our local sheriff rather then deal with the situation and they came and reminded the individual that there is an ordinance of shutting down loudness at midnight (it was 2:30 a.m. when we asked them to lower it) and it was eventually turned down to a much lower boom, boom, boom…needless to say it was a terrible next day with only 3 ½ hours of sleep.

The next day the individual came over to the fence and waved me over and wanted to give his apology which was accepted by us with much trepidation as the individual had to let us know he was a correctional officer with the prison system and that the sheriff that showed up to talk with him was his friend. What a self centered, narcissistic individual using sublime comments to let us know that he basically thinks he has the upper hand in this attitude of supreme control and the individual probably was barely over twenty-one in age,

He asked if they could party once more if they kept it lowered and I told him that he could party whenever he wanted and that after midnight the sheriff will be called on a routine basis regarding the midnight ordinance.

Then I gave the homeowner (his uncle) a large bag of fresh corn for their clambake that evening as a peace offering on our part regardless of the insulting pretend apology from his young guest.

I try very hard not to be an ass to people like this but it is extremely difficult for I am quite capable of using harsh language that I am sure he would understand (honestly I did put in a few street words) and it is very hard not to fly off at the handle in situations like this for any of us can be put over the edge and none of us are perfect….but my one truth is that karma is a great teacher and this young man has a long journey ahead.

Mutual respect is a great missing attribute in our society today…for as many good humans there are just as many lacking in common respect.